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Billings Bridge will be closed for Victoria DayEvery day. It’s here at Billings Bridge

Billings Bridge is the place to share an extra foam latte, take out a loan, get an engagement ring, get a better cell phone plan and a new bath mat. It’s also the place to check out what’s going on in your community, in the fashion world and in your best friend’s new relationship.
It’s so fun and easy at Billings Bridge. Makes you wonder why you’d go anywhere else on a Monday, Wednesday or any other day of the week. Plus, parking is a breeze. How simple is that?

We like grass, birds and trees too

Billings Bridge is green. In fact we’re the first shopping mall in Ontario to win a Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Earth Award for environmental sensitivity. That means that we’ve met 10 different criteria for environmental sensitivity. We’re pretty proud of our green designation, because it’s good for us and good for our community.

We’re a shopping centre and a community centre

We are a shopping centre. But we’re also where our community gets together to shop, walk, talk, and share what they care about. Billings Bridge is happy to provide space for non-profit organizations’ events. We find it’s a great way to keep our community connected.
If your organization would like to hold their event at Billings Bridge, just send a proposal to Nathalie Lavergne: nlavergne@20vic.com

Note: You’ll need to provide us with copies of your Liability Insurance and we may require additional insurance.

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