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Bohemian Inspiration

This season’s boho dresses look more opulent and have a definite feeling of earthy glamour. What’s even better is that these dresses are a one-stop shop – slip it on and look instantly fabulous. Come spring and summer white always becomes, well, a white-hot trend. This time around, however, the trend is taken up a notch higher with all-white outfits taking on a more graphic look and a more sporty twist. Sharp angles and crisp lines dominate the white trend this season, and choosing to accent your head-to-toe blanc with athletic essentials only serves to prove your style cred even more. Not wearing white after Labour Day is one of those old rules that has rightly dissipated over time – winter or summer it’s fine to wear white if you know how to pull it off. White is the color of summer, it’s fresh, crisp and very appealing but only remains so if it is carefully washed.

Jean Jacket
Wear the jacket with ultra-feminine pieces. Long lacy dresses and skirts match surprisingly well with denim jackets. The contrast between something undeniably girly and something somewhat boyish creates visual interest.

  • When choosing a dress or skirt, look for one that drapes well and has an airy aura to it. A knee-high skirt can work just as well as a maxi skirt.
  • Alternatively, you could also wear your jean jacket with a structured mini skirt. Mini-skirts are usually feminine enough to hold their own against boyish denim, regardless of whether they are structured or flowing.
  • Wear feminine accessories with this look when possible. The balance between girly and boyish should still tilt more to the girly side, and accessories are a good way to accomplish that. Think along the lines of flirty shoes and jewelry.

Straw Bag
The straw bag is ultra-trendy!
Ideally a straw bag will go with almost everything, from sandals to shoes and boots.
No need to match the colour of your bag to the shoes. For example, you may wear it with a pair of torn jeans or a brightly coloured blouse that will highlight it.
Whatever clothing style you wear, the straw bag allows you all the versatility. When spring arrives, change your winter handbag for a summer one.
Here’s my tip: Make sure the inside of the bag is lightly colored to facilitate finding what you’re looking for at the bottom of the bag.
And finally, make sure to look in all sections so you do not forget anything inside! Also ensure the bag does not have any Velcro or additions that may damage your clothes.

Jean Jacket Le Château $79.95
Lace Dress Le Château $79.95
Sandals The Shoe Company $69.99
Necklace Le Château $19.99
3 sets Bracelets Le Château $9.99 each
Oversized Sunnies Payless Shoes $14.99
Straw Bag Naturalizer $55.00
Flower Desire

Flower Desire

Floral Top
I chose this top because florals are a big part of that fashion history. Reach for a vintage floral piece if you can, and opt for bolder and larger print florals over the more dainty feminine type of floral print. Sweeping florals from head to toe can be your go-to maximum drama high impact look this season.

Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are the jeans you should have and it’s a must-have. As much as we see XXL baggy pants, the skinny jeans are a good option for those who want a close to the body piece of clothing for spring/summer 2016.

How to wear it?

For a relaxed look
The weekend is here? Match them with a large blouse, some flat sandals and you’re good to go. One more tip: Roll them to make it a 7/8 pant.The final look? Your ankles, the slimmest part of your legs are enhanced and if you wear them with sneakers, your legs look longer.

For a chic look
You’re going out? Try black or dark skinny jeans with a loose silk top and close it up with a perfecto or blazer. Step into some heels. With some pointy pumps your legs will again look longer.

Lace-up Sandals
Lace-up sandals are very trendy for spring/summer 2016.
I literally fell for this shoe, it has both elegance and originality. We find these sandals with medium heels, high heels and even stiletto heels.
Here’s my tip: For those who need a tight ankle, this is the perfect sandal for more stability. It goes up the ankle and is very comfortable. It makes a nice ensemble with a suede skirt, that’s very trendy this summer. They are available is many colours and materials such as leather and suede.

Oversized Sunnies
If you want to go right to the essential without failing, here are the two rules to find the perfect pair of sunglasses:
The shape of the glasses must be the opposite of your face. This is not written in stone but most of the time it is best to have frames that will improve the oval of your face.
The eyebrows should always be visible. This is where all of your facial expressions are located. Don’t hide them! Ideally the frame line will match your eyebrows.

Floral Top Fairweather $49.99
Skinny Jeans Reitman’s $49.90
Lace-up Sandals Fairweather $29.99
Necklace Reitman’s $14.00
3 sets Bracelets Le Château $14.99
Oversized Sunnies Payless Shoes $14.99
Tropical Feeling

Tropical Feeling

Floral Shirt
Who said you needed to surf to cover yourself with hibiscus?
For many seasons the Floral Print goes from the beach to the city and changes our entire wardrobe to the Caribbean spirit with small vests, shirts and sneakers.

What’s new?
The arrival of a blue tropical pattern, use this trendy colour of the season to assemble a total look. Florals are a summer staple, but if you want to take your print game a little bit further, try the tropical print on for size. Palm leaves, pineapple prints and hibiscus patterns are just some of your options to live the island life, even when in the city. Let these prints whisk you away to sunny destinations and upgrade your summer wardrobe in a vibrant way.

Casual shoes
Sneakers are the men shoe for the season. We find them in noble materials such as leather and in solid colours with a white sole. They can be casual as well as formal and may complement a very casual look with a pair of torn jeans for example. Another option to look cool and in style, would be to wear them with a vest and a tie. This summer the designers are looking to the future to reinvent the traditional sneakers and sport footwear by giving them a modern look. No more frontiers between sport shoes and city shoes with these original and cool models!

For men, we see bermudas that are sporty as well as formal on the designers’ fashion shows. But where and when may we wear bermudas? We see you coming from a mile away, no bermudas at the office please! Gentlemen, another fashion rule that you must obey; if the bermudas falls below the knees, it is because you have the wrong size, or it’s way too long for you.
The grandpa look is not in!

Baseball Cap
Essential accessory to avoid sunburn, the baseball cap has become a style addition not only reserved for tourists. The cap as we know it was first worn by baseball players at the end of the 19th century. The company New Era gave it its actual shape in 1934 for the Cleveland Indians. It came quickly out of the baseball fields to be worn as a symbol of the American pop culture. For many decades, the baseball cap has been the hat style worn by most men. A sportswear triumph in the men’s locker room, the fashion phenomena that surrounds it allows the baseball cap to mix form and function and that’s why we wear it all the time.

Floral Shirt Fairweather $59.99
Bermudas Tip Top $59.99
Cap Tip Top $18.99
Shoes Payless Shoes $34.99
Sunglasses Le Château $22.00
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