The idea is yours, the choice is all theirs!

To check your card balance go to They are available in any denomination from $5 to $500 per gift card.

Redeemable for goods or services at over 85 exciting national and regional stores at Billings Bridge Centre

Gift cards come in elegant, environment friendly packaging.

It’s easy! Simply visit Guest Services at the Food Court and purchase Gift Cards with Visa, MasterCard, Debit or Cash.

Looking to reward your employees or thank your clients?

Give Billings Bridge Gift Cards! To order, please call the Guest Services Supervisor at (613) 733-2595 and we can have it ready for an arranged pick-up.

Kindly note that the Billings Bridge Shopping Centre Gift Card is accepted at all stores and services with the exception of the following: Booster Juice, International News, LCBO, Manchu Wok, New York Fries, Trendy Nails, Tandoori, Thai Express, Walmart, Health Care Offices and all Banks/Financial institutions.

*As of the 16th month, monthly maintenance fees of 2.50$ will be automatically debited following the gift card’s activation.