Billings Bridge Centre is committed to the environment

We know that communities are mindful of the buildings that surround them and we take pride in keeping our community looking its best through various green initiatives.

We are aware of the leadership role we must play to contribute to the protection and improvement of our environment. We are committed to taking concrete steps to reduce greenhouse gases.

We inspire to continue our green footprint through education, practicing and implementing green initiatives in our community. All of us at Billings Bridge Centre are educated in environmental issues and each of us actively participates in reducing GHG emissions.

Recycling is one of our most significant priorities. Recycling stations have been placed within the centre where recyclable materials such as newspapers, cans, glass and plastics can be disposed of.

Recycling Services offered at Billings Bridge Centre

Aluminum cans
Cardboard boxes
Gift Cards
Glass bottles

Household waste
Light bulbs
Plastic bottles
Used oil

Low flow toilets and faucets are on site to save and conserve water. We also practice using environmentally-friendly cleaning products to keep our environment clean.

Actions taken by Billings Bridge Centre to reduce energy consumption

  • Lighting

    Lighting of indoor and outdoor common areas is controlled by a timer in order to turn off of reduce the lighting outside business hours.

  • HVAC

    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems automatically reduce their energy consumption outside business hours and turn off when unnecessary.

  • Environmental Compliance

    Through its environmental management program, Billings Bridge Centre closely monitors environmental compliance in our Centre. We have also strengthened the language in our standard lease document, which outlines tenants’ obligations with regard to environmental legislation.